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30 August 2008:

The Malaysian Government K9 unit went operational on Wednesday August 27th, and pirate trackers was there to cover Paddy doing his job in the backstreets — working to track down DVD storage locations at an illegal retail store. It's been a long journey for him from rural County Down, Northern Ireland to Malaysia, and we've been there all the way.

The efforts of the trainers, the handlers and the support of everyone involved has been incredible. The sudden loss of his buddy Manny, and the blow that was to the unit has been overcome in style. Dedicating this first successful raid to all involved — including Manny — has seen our shooting almost done. We are now back in our base in Hong Kong relieved, happy and inspired. The MPA has issued this press release.

9 June 2008:

In a totally unexpected turn of events, we have learnt that Manny passed away suddenly on May 31st. The cause of death is still being investigated, and we will of course be following events as they unfold. At "Pirate Trackers" we are all saddened by the news, though we all know that the fight will go on at the frontline. The MPA has issued this press release. The story has also been picked up on

31 MAy 2008:

We've completed three trips to Malaysia in the last few months, documenting the lives of Paddy and Manny, the two dogs trained in Ireland who are now with the K9 Unit in Malaysia, as they adapt to a new home, a very difference environment, and new circumstances as they undergo further training with new handlers.

18 February 2008:

We have now returned to Asia. Principal photography has been completed in Northern Ireland covering the training and final assessment of two of the dogs who have been cleared for take off. We shot again in London as they were in transit to Kuala Lumpur.

Not only did we meet the new dogs Paddy and Manny, we also met the trainers, the independent assessor and many people behind the scenes; the great depth and colour to the story was added to in no small part by the spectacular Irish countryside in County Down and the warmth of the people.

Next stop Malaysia!

23 January 2008: We're in the final preparation stages before our first filming foray. We'll be going to Ireland mid-February to film two new dogs that are now in training and (hopefully) being put through their paces in a series of trials. We'll also be following them back to Asia; the dogs are due to fly to Kuala Lumpur before the end of February.