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Pirate Trackers, in Brief

The story of the worlds first dedicated K9 anti-piracy unit tracks a unique initiative by the Malaysian Government to establish a dedicated unit to fight on the frontline in the countrys war against IPR theft by DVD, VDC and optical disc piracy.

We follow the journey of a select number of unique dogs from Northern Ireland all the way to the streets of Kuala Lumpur. We see the challenges faced along the journey, explore the science and ultimately the results of a world-first in Asia.

The story gives unique insights into the training, the journey half way round the world, and the dramatic twists as a dedicated team is put in place — a major initiative led by 'mans best friend'.


This, the first programme in a series on modern day piracy, will follow a number of very special dogs that have been trained to sniff out the distinct polycarbonate used in DVDs and CDs, central to the illegal manufacture of pirated movies and music as much as it is to the genuine items.

We follow the dogs through their training in Ireland, to their ultimate deployment in the steamy back alleyways of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, as they work with local authorities to seek out, uncover and shut down pirate DVD manufacturers, distributors and retailers. We get direct insight to their crucial role of the K9 Unit in combatting movie and music piracy. We see the dangers, the successes, and more than a few unexpected twists and turns.

We touch on the science behind the dog's abilities: all dogs have an acute sense of smell, but what gives these dogs the unique ability to sniff out a DVD or CD, and how is it developed?

We look at how pirate movie and music synicates operate in Asia, and the threat they pose to both the Hollywood and the global film and TV industry.

The Series

Pirate Trackers will continue as a series to look at Internet piracy and the technology involved, pharmaceutical piracy and the life and death dangers it poses globally, luxury goods piracy which eats into the integrity of trusted brands, and (fake) component piracy that compromises transport safety from cars right though to all areas of machinery that we rely on, among others.